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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by bigpomp, Oct 5, 2004.

  1. bigpomp

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    I just got an MBox for PC and I got a MXL V67 mic. Whats the best way to record rap vocals? What are the best levels as some of my instrumentals come in close to 0db? Do I need an additional mic preamp/comps or are the Focusrite pre's and plug ins good enough? Also, I want the vocals to "sit" in the mix well. All I am doing now is importing my beats (wav files) into a stereo track in pro tools, then adding mono tracks that are all vocals. Is that the best way to do that? The vocals just dont blend well......let me know if I need to elaborate or give more information.
  2. djui5

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    Your vocal level should be near the yellow zone in PT's...

    Getting vocals to sit in a mix is a work of art..

    I'd recommend eq'ing a notch in the stereo mix for the vocals to sit in..then riding the fader untill they sit perfectly..

    Might also try strapping a compressor on them to clean up the volume differences...it helps a lot....
  3. bigpomp

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    Thanks, what about the levels of the actual music should they be in the same range? Slightly lower, slightly louder. Thanks for the advice....
  4. djui5

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    same.......just don't hit red....and you're fine...
  5. bigpomp

    bigpomp Guest

    One more thing, what about any external pre amps??
  6. djui5

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    If you want em..go for it...

    Getting external pre's is purely a sound preference thing...

    You don't have to have them..but if you want a different sound then go for it..

    To be honest though...I'd upgrade your mic before upgrading your pre's.....

    And when you do get a pre...see ifyou can save for a nice 2 ch A/D converter also....like the apogee mini me.......it will make a huge difference over the stock converters in the M-box..

    The box is a nice unit though..nice purchase..

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