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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by Yuri1, Mar 25, 2005.

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    I've got an xp windows system and I've downloaded the asio and wave drivers for using my mbox with other programs besides pro tools. For midi it's so much more efficently convenient to use SONAR 4. So I'm still trying to somehow using the mbox to its full capabilities in sonar 4, but sonar 4 does not see the mbox hardware device, thus playing silently through my computer sound card (since the mbox is was set to handle in windows all the voice and audio playback, though not recording, that is still done by the SoundMax Digital Audio Device)
    Someone, help me using the mbox with SONAR, so that I can create miracles.
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    May 25, 2004
    I have a hunch that the problem is that you have setup windows to use the MBox for its sounds. This would be trough the Wave driver, and that would probably reserve the MBox for only that use.

    My suggestion is to connect the windows stuff back to the built-in card. Perhaps uninstall the wave driver. Then Sonar should be fine through the ASIO driver.

    I use my MBox for recording using Samplitude, through ASIO, without any problems.

  3. Yuri1

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    challenging problems from a crashing mbox

    I've tried deleting the wave driver, and using only that ASIO driver 6.1.1 (even though I've got protools 6.4, but that's the only ASIO driver there was on the digidesign webpage.) During the process of uninstalling wave and also for some reason installing brainlessly from Pro Tools the OTTO "set up", thinking that it was going to allow me to use mbox in the SONAR 4, yet then I thought that the Pro Tools LE might have been interfering with the mbox's SONAR compatibility, so I just uninstalled Pro Tools LE and the dumb mbox crashed to death. Then I reinstalled Pro Tools, and neither windows, nor Pro Tools could find the hardware, even though it was plugged in, and unusually had all of the lit up indicators on.
    If I still want to have Pro Tools LE on my system without interferance, and use mbox in either SONAR, or Pro Tools, what is the easiest and best way to solve this puzzle, so that I could start creating miracles with the troublesome, dumb mbox?
    What a fuggled up mess, right huh?
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    Mar 25, 2005
    I just recently set up my Digi002 to work with Sonar 4, so I guess this would be pretty much the same thing. I just went into Options --> Audio --> Advanced tab, and changed the driver mode to ASIO. Then I restarted the program and set the Playback/Record Timing Master and the other important stuff in the audio options and it has worked like a charm since.
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    May 25, 2004
    Sounds like a great big mess. But I think these things can be put into working order again.

    All lights on for the MBox sort of indicates that it is not feeling too well. I think the strategy could be to get ProTools LE to work first. The real experts on that are probably on the DUC forum.

    Once you have PT LE up and running happily, install the ASIO driver only (NOT the wave) as a start. Now it should be possible to run Sonar using ASIO, both input and output. (Quit PT first, only one application at a time should use the MBox)

    A bit of work, and I think you will be rocking.

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