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  1. I currently have melodyne essential which came with my protools setup. I'm wanting to upgrade to something, either cre8, or plugin. Cre8 gives the option of doing many tracks at once giving the benefit of making harmonies without worrying about using the plugin on multiple tracks like you would have to with melodyne plugin. Does this use up a lot of processing power (using melodyne plugin on a few tracks)?

    Also for a limited time you get a free upgrade to melodyne plugin 2 which has some extra stuff and it has direct note acces which i'm dying to use.

    I'm also trying to find out if it will work with my protools academic version and I cannot find an answer to this.
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    Sep 26, 2005
    You know, these guys are not forthcoming with some of their technical information. I actually spoke to numerous folks from the company at the AES October 07 about an input issue with the M-Box 2. You'd think they could provide some information (that should normally be provided in a schematic of any professional piece of equipment, which they won't supply you with) but were technically ignorant about a simple front-end. They cited excuses as to something of a "proprietary nature" in their crappy box that they would not supply schematics for. We're not talking about the heart of the circuitry. We're talking about a simple front-end input issue. So I'm not surprised to hear you can't get a proper answer.

    There is something else in the back of my brain damaged brain that tells me the academic version will not support those plug-ins? Not that I've tried that mind you. I just seem to remember reading something about that? Something about what the academic version won't do? And it might be that? After all, they want you to buy their higher-end product. How else are they supposed to go out of business without your help?

    Good luck and I hope you learn how to sing those harmonies instead?
    Ms. Remy Ann David
  3. Your insight is always helpful. Protools Academic version is still a "full" version with everything included. It is Protools LE re-branded and discounted with hopes that the users will one day upgrade to their better products so they can once again be stuck using their hardware and plugins. I use other plugins that require ilok etc. I currently use melodyne essential using rewire.

    I got an email from melodyne replying to my question saying it will work, but they recomend using it with 7.4. I have 7.3.
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    Try Melodyne Studio if that's in your price range... if you're using scale snap, making in-scale harmonies is a snap. Try the demo, and see what you think. If i had that much to shell out for pitch correction, that would be the best program in my opinion.

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