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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by miles_kinnee, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. miles_kinnee

    miles_kinnee Guest

    Hey everybody!

    I know this is a ridiculous question, but I am tearing my hair out in frusteration!

    I just upgraded to a digi rack and pro tools LE, and I am having a serious friggin' problem:

    I can't figure out how to get the damn metronome to work!!

    I feel like a retard, because it is somehting that should be so damn easy, but has caused me no end of upset!

    I am running 6.4 LE on XP.
  2. hogie

    hogie Guest

    i replied to your other post...

    1. create a mono aux track
    2. insert the click
    3. click on the metronome in the transport so that it's blue
    4. press play
  3. miles_kinnee

    miles_kinnee Guest

    thanks a ton brother!
  4. gilligan204

    gilligan204 Guest

    speaking of the PT metronome is there any way to make it unaccented , I tried making the gain the same and it is still noticable. Help ? in DP i was albe to make a unaccented click
  5. hogie

    hogie Guest

    well you could set the time signature to 1/4 instead of 4/4. then it just plays the accented sound over and over.

    if you don't like the sound of the click, you can load in a midi instrument like sampletank onto an aux track. then double-click the icon in the transport with the "x bars." there you can chose the note you want and route the midi click to sampletank.
  6. Dave62

    Dave62 Guest

    If you route to an internal sampler the timing will not be as tite as the click plugin. Record the output of your internal sampler via busing and zoom in and check it. I found the most accurate way to do klik in PT and still be able to choose your own klik sound is to record your klik sound into PT, trim the region tite, set the track to ticks in grid mode, and then duplicate your region for the song length.

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