Mic and Preamp samples Regensburg Dom and lindell audio to name a few

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    Dec 11, 2004
    This is not part of a mic shootout. Just a few dry clean samples for reference on the internet.

    This grouping has mostly samples of the Cathedral Pipes Regensburg Dom, Neumann tlm102 mics, and the lindell audio 6x-500, vintech 573, bla b12a, and electro harmonics 12ay7 tube pre (w/now rca tubes) preamps.

    There's no compression/plugs/normalizing on any of the tracks.

    Converter is a black lion audio modded rme ufx, also using bla's micro clock as well.


    I can't seem to get soundcloud to just list the tracks underneath the player, they will continuously play down the list, or you can click on the soundcloud player to visit the soundcloud page that shows the tracks in list form and shows the descriptions of the source/mic/pre used.

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