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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by antispatula, Feb 20, 2006.

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  1. antispatula

    antispatula Guest

    I'm fairly new to recording, and am 17, and on a BUDGET.

    I'm either thinkng of getting a pair of at4050s or an ADK Hamburgs.

    I need 2 for stereo recording guitar and piano. the AT4050 is better than the Hamburg, right? I mean it costs lots more. But I don't think I can afford 2 4050's. Is it a good idea to get a 4050 and a hamburg for stereo recording, or is that a bad idea?

    Thanks, any help on what to do would be great!
  2. ggunn

    ggunn Guest

    If you ever want to record a stereo sound from an ambient soundfield (as opposed to tracking everything and mixing it up), then you'll want a pair of mics that are as identical as you can get them.
  3. redbort

    redbort Active Member

    Jun 15, 2005
    I got a pair of 4050's from jdsound.com and only paid 800$ for the pair. I don't think they sell "matched pairs" of 4050's, but you can get sequencial ones.
    submit a "best offer" of $800, he'll take it!
    ask him to include free shipping.
    they are great mics,

    i'd skip on the hamburgs,
    save your nickles and dimes,
    it'll be worth it in the long run
    buy smart, only buy once
  4. Zoltar8814

    Zoltar8814 Guest

    Bet yer ass..it costs lots more so it HAS to be better!!!!
    It's grapefruits and gorilla nuts...they are 2 different microphones. The 4050 is multipattern so it's a little more flexible...but that depends on how your room sounds.
    They are both great mics..get what you can afford and have fun.
  5. antispatula

    antispatula Guest

    hey thanks! Well, I'm able to get 1 at4050 for 280 DOLLARS. So yeah, I'll proabibly get it. I've got a high silckyish voice.....would the at4050 be ok for that?
  6. amishsixstringer

    amishsixstringer Member

    Feb 22, 2006
    I have a pair of 4050's and I absolutely love them, but what do you mean by slickyish?? I usually tend to use them on male voices that are a little bit deep or nasaly, since they have a really nice natural extended high freq response, which adds nice air to the voice. I don't really like them on females. They don't sound thin or sibilant, but they just leave something to be desired on higher voices to me. That's an awesome deal you got on that mic reguardless, and you'll find MANY uses for them. Great on guitar cabinets, drum overheads, backing vocals etc...
  7. antispatula

    antispatula Guest

    crap......well, here's a song with my voice in it


    would an at4050 be ok with that voice?
  8. antispatula

    antispatula Guest

    bump.....I really need to know whether at4050 or hamburgs would suite my vocals better. Thanks!!
  9. antispatula

    antispatula Guest

    and I'd be running it through a dmp3 into a reel to reel recorder, if that makes a diff.
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