Mic drums using Mbox?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by Joshlevi, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. Joshlevi

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    Ok, the Mbox has 2 inputs. What if I want to use 8 mic's on my drums? Where do I plug all those cables into?

    Is there a piece of hardware that allows me to combine all them signalls into one?

    I would really appreciate some feedback

    Josh levi
  2. McCheese

    McCheese Well-Known Member

    Mar 24, 2005
    Yes, it's called a mixer.
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  5. EricK

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    As McCheese says, you can plug all of your mics into a mixer, and take the stereo output of the mixer into you M-Box. At that point you will not have 8 discrete tracks of drums anymore, you will have a stereo mix of the drums. If you want to multi-track your eight mics, you can't do it with the M-Box. You will need an interface with at least eight inputs. The Digi-002 would work for you. However, the Digi-002 only has 4 mic inputs as standard. You could get 4 additional preamps to plug into the 4 additional line level inputs, and another 8 mic ins if you get an eight channel preamp with LightPipe outs on it.
  6. Joshlevi

    Joshlevi Guest

    Thanx for the info EricK

    However, maybe I wasnt specific enough.

    I do not have a mixer!!!! And I dont have the money to go out and buy one right now. I will be shopping for one when I have enough money and time to buy smart.

    What i really want to know is if there is a cheap device other then a mixer, for instance, small box that signal routs several mic's into 2 channels, without being able to control level, pans, etc. Just a plain jane cheap piece of gear.
  7. Dave62

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    You could rent one, or chek out a Behringer UB2222FX Pro Mixer (22 Inputs with Effects). It has 8 mic inputs, 14 other inputs, internal dsp, and it costs $249.00 US!! Garanteed to work till the day after the warranty runs out but it will get you happening and it is really really really cheap.
    The need to have preamps (nessesary for amplifying mic input) and a summing amplifier to combine them means you need a mixer by definition. If your not worried about level and pan whats the point of all the mics? Just use 2 and experiment with placement and drum tuning.
  8. ghellquist

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    May 25, 2004
    unless you have already mastered it, do learn to record your drums with only two mics. It is very clearly not an optimum equipment setup for all kinds of music, but some really good records has been made that way. I would even say, start out with one mic, and push the envelope of recording to get as good sound as possible from this single mic. The knowledge and experience gained that way will be very worthwhile the effort.

    Of course it depends on what kind of music you are working with. I mostly work with 30-member orchestras and find that my best results are from two very carefully placed mics. Of course, again, this is probably something different from what you are trying to record.

  9. McCheese

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    Mar 24, 2005
    I guess my original reply came off a little terse, sorry about that. Didn't mean anything rude by it.

    I've recorded drums with just two mics on the mbox. I've tried a stereo pair and also one kick mic and an omni LDC overhead. the latter ended up providing better results in my situation, but try both. You can use compression, eq and reverb to try to alter the sound a little bit.

    It's all about Mic placement.
  10. Joshlevi

    Joshlevi Guest

    Thanks a bunch for the info guys, I think I will just work with 2 mics for now. Though I was thinking I could import my tracks to reason adapted and use the virtual mixer.

    Right now all I have for mic's is a sm57 and some sort of off brand dynamic mic that really sucks. I was planning on buying a drum mic kit- that way I could use those mic's in other situations, however, I believe ill wait for now

    Maybe someone could reccomend a decent overhead mic for less then $200?

    Thanks again guys
  11. axwack

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    Recording Guitar, Reason Adapted and Protools MBOX

    So, if I wanted to record drum tracks and synth samples from the sequencer from my Reason, can I record that into the Protools MBOX through the rewire?

    If I record electric and acoustic electric guitar through the MBOX and want to listent to everything through my amp, will I need a mixer?

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