Mic essential for recording SFX outside??

Discussion in 'Microphones' started by elxicano, Nov 4, 2009.

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    So I am looking to "slowly" build an arsenal of mics for recording SFX mostly outside, where the environment is obviously not controlled.

    This is mostly for my own personal use, but the hope is to eventually be able to use or design things for commercial use in the future. I am new to this, so any and all suggestions are welcome...

    I'll gladly take suggestions for either mic types, brands or even books/links on where to gain more information on this... it all helps.

    By the way... I'm purposely not listing a budget, as I still prefer to hear even those things that might be out of grasp right now, but maybe worth saving for later.
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    Sorry can't be of much help as I never have done this type of recording but this site might interest you

    Sound effects forum, including a recording forum
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    Nothing really changes in mics until you are more specific in what you are recording. There are cheaper mic and higher end mics. Mics for pin pointing and mics for ambience. You can learn everything you want to know about that here. What does change however, are added gates, wind screens and all that goes with controlling bleed from the outside environment; you either want or don't want in the sound . That's a close as I can get with what your are asking so far.
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    Interesting topic. I hope it grows.

    Check this out, it may help get you thinking more. Price: $7,395




  5. elxicano

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    Thanks for the replies... I followed the links on freesound.org and read through several topics which provided more than a few ideas.

    I've also just ordered today, Basic Microphones, which I'll probably receive sometime next week. It is mainly geared towards recording sessions, however the things I need to know are still pretty much all covered.

    I'll probably revive this thread again after reading a bit more first.

    I do understand that I would need to be more specific in what I'm intending to capture... Still, from what I could gather, I think first on my list for a new mic will be a shotgun mic as well as a decent windshield/screen.

    Otherwise, if I get the chance I'd love to pick up one of these: DPA Microphones 8011 Omnidirectional Underwater Hydrophone Microphone

    That'll be down the road for when I can justify it's use.

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