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  1. I have a Rode nt1a which I have found to be OK, nothing special. It seems to pickup what's happening in the next room better than my voice.

    I have a very midrange limited voice. I do not consider myself a vocalist more of a stylist...LOL.

    But I can sing the songs I write.

    I need all the help I can get. I use a Roland VS 2400 and it only likes very clean, low gain signals.

    I have some nice pres, Great River, UA and a Summit. I plan on getting a para EQ also.

    But I want to get something that has more warmth and punch without needing higher output to get it.

    Looking to spend less than $1500.

    Any recommendations?

    I'm looking at the Telefunken M16, the Peluso 22 251, AKG solid tube, AKG C414, Mojave Audio MA 200, Neumann TLM 103 or anything else you guys can come up with.
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    Don't do the 103, I don't think you'll dig it.
    The 414 is a good, versatile mic - but I think you'd be better suited to a 4050, (or lower priced 4033) with the remaining cash spent on a vintage compressor to put between it and the Roland. Something like an ol' wood sided DBX 160 would do you some good!!!
  3. The 2400 does not like a compressed signal, I have a DBX 166 and a UA LA 610 with the teletronix LA-2A compressor.

    The analog part of the board likes to see a low gain clean signal without anything else. Since there is no insert I am thinking it is designed that way.

    Inside the unit there is a simple compressor and with the expansion board I have some other choices of compressors including a tube version which does make my terrible voice better. I also have the UA plugin package from Roland that I haven't tried yet, so I have that covered.

    The Roland basically has everything inside. But it's very sensitive to mics and preamps and what you put into it.

    I have listened to the only thing on the net that I know of " the listening room" and they give you a lot of mics and pres.

    I did like the AKG 414 and solid tube better than the Audio Technica mics.
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    I don't have any experience with the Solid Tube, but I do use the dang-on 414's alot.
    Sounds like you might want to weigh the pros and cons of each and decide between the two.
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    So how do you sound through a 58? I have a very limited voice as well, and I find that a "better" mic sometimes make those limitations pretty obvious. I use a Rode K2 to make things a little warm and mushy. I've often thought about an RE20 if I wanted to make an improvement over a 58, but stay with the same concept.
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    I think you might want to look into a quality dynamic. RE20/27 always a good bet. Shure SM7....Heil PR40/30....None of these will threaten your budget much, and all are extremely fine mics for guitar amps and the such. All are also a little more 'complete' sounding than the 58.
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    Ditto on the big diaphragm dynamics. The PR-40 has a bit of proximity which will add some meat to your voice. The RE-20 or 27 are very clean, even "eaten". The 27 has a bit more sensitivity and brightness over the 20. All of these have a much tighter pattern than what you're using now, and that will help "kill the room" (and no more gurgling aquarium from the living room!). And another thing about the LDD's: dynamics tend to compress just a wee bit when pushed hard. It's pretty subtle, but that just might be your ticket. Didn't we discuss this before? LOL!!!
    BTW, the Solid Tube is a grave disappointment...

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