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    Hi Guys
    I'm new to this site as well as the music business. Just starting with reharsals and playing anywhere and everywhere so there is all kinds of equipment in my way. I fight with it all and often loose my top capabilities by trying to make up for the lack of good sound when singing. I usually can't hear myself that well, since I have to stand far away from any sort of speaker. So the feed-back is my biggest enemy. My range is in between Edie Webber and Bono with slight similarity in color to Thom York's.
    In your opinion what would be the best mic for me.

    Forever grateful
  2. jcnoernberg

    jcnoernberg Guest

    how about starting with a set of headphones? are you talking about live performance, or a studio situation?
  3. Thedave

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    good question jc...
    If recording is what you are mentioning I would say that if you arent using headphones than that is a big problem, i suggest AKG's latest models, they are nice. As for mics. Rhode makes some of my favorite condencers that are rich and don't cut peaks, and for live sound I use the AKG D790 but feel that the most versitile without sacrifice is the Shure SM58Beata.

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