Mic isolation. Mini-gobo.....on a boom???

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  1. I have this problem almost licked, except for one "fly in the ointment". I have succeeded in having the ablilty to record a vocal track into my DAW via a LD condenser and a JOEMEEK VC3Q, and simultaneously record direct to DAW with my Kurzweil synth/workstation. The only problem I can "hear" in the resultant product is low amplitude, low frequency noise emanating from the keybed of the synth itself which of course, gets picked up by that sensitive "vacuum cleaner" of a mic. Any thoughts as to how I could perhaps isolate the mic in some sort of mini-gobo type on-the-boom deal? Or is there a better way other than tracking vocals separately, which defeats the purpose of this setup? Appreciate any thoughts or ideas. All the best, Lee.
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    how low is the frequency? can you EQ it out? often vocals do not need much in the lowest frequencies.
  3. It is not a very low thump, but the thump has overtones that extend throughout the 60 to 500 hz range at least upon analyzation. I really wouldn't want to cut a thing EQ-wise at this point for obvious reasons. The problem has been essentially resolved by dropping the mic gain a wee bit. Made a dramatic difference. I had the dang gain a bit too hot for this particular situation. Thanks CM. ---Lee

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