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    Hi I am using magix music maker, a fast track mbox, and a shure microphone on my laptop. I recorded in stereo and I can only get playback on the left side. I then recorded in mono and will only get playback in the left side. Completely puzzled tried just about everything can only get it to record on the left side. Any cheap programs I can get so I that I will not run into this problem?
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    do your meters show signal in the left and right? it's likely a bad cable, or your track is panned to the left. it's not the program. it's either an operator error, or a faulty cable.
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    You can't get a stereo signal with just one mic unless it's a stereo mic (two capsules)
    Record your mic in mono : before you start specify that the track is a mono track and/or choose the mono input receiving the signal. Once recorded, ajust the panning to taste...
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    As mentioned by PC and K... unless you are using a stereo microphone ( you didn't mention a model number, but I'm assuming that you are not using a stereo mic) the problem isn't your mic or your program. If you are recording a stereo track, it's possible that the input to that track may default to the left side.

    Accordingly, don't use a stereo track to record a mono source. Create a mono track.

    If you do so and are still getting playback out of only one side (in your case the left) then check to make sure that:

    A. the track is assigned to output through the master out and not through an individual channel/track/auxillary output.
    B. the track isn't panned to the left side
    C. your connections from your DAW to your power amp/monitors are both good.... meaning that both sides are working. Play an MP3 or Wav using Media Player or something, or, go to Youtube or any site with an audio stream and make sure you have audio playing through both sides.

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