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    My Band (electric guitar, electric bass, Keys, accoustic drums) Began recording our sessions. We plan on getting a legit album recorded in 6 mo to a year. In the meantime we would like to hear back our bi-weekly sessions for practice purposes only. We already own a sony mindisc portable recorder. and my guitarist purchased a mic for it (only 2 options @ this store, one AKG-$120 and something that was $400+) Recording last night on the AKG with the mic about center placment in the room (I have a diagram) We had way to much drums. The obvious soulution is to try the mic behind the guitar amp area (furthest place from the drums). Only conceern is relation to PA speakers for vocal clarity (the furtest place is behind the PA Speakers.) We are going to mess around this evening but if any one has great sugestions Im all ears. Oh and currently the mic is on a stand raised to roughly 5.5 feet
    Thanks for any help
    diagram can be seen @


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