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  1. I was using this mic in a classroom. No carpet. Mic was about 4.5 feet from the bell of the trumpet.

    ADK Vienna Edition Cardioid True Condenser Microphone

    It was recorded on a macbook/DP6/Apogee Duet. I used a small amount of EQ and added a little bit (5%) reverb from the ProVerb on DP6.

    It still sounds hollow. Am I using the wrong mic to record trumpet?

    Here is the sound clip. Thanks.


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    you can hear the room a bit. My advise would be to get a better sounding room and maybe back the mic off. With lots of wood on the floor. Just an opinion though cause I love live sounding rooms with horns. LOVE THEM
  3. I will give that a shot, thanks. How far back do you think the mic should be from the end of the bell? Should I just go dry, no reverb from DP? Thanks again for the response.

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