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Mic/Pre Combination???

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by ShaneSelby, Jan 12, 2003.

  1. ShaneSelby

    ShaneSelby Guest

    Hey all...

    I just got a new preamp on Friday and wanted to see how it stood up to the other pre's in my studio. I also wanted to find out how my mics compared to each other when using it. Specifically when using it on male vocals. Basically, I am looking for the right sounding male vocal combination. So I took some samples and found my favorite but I am a bit biased cause I just shelled out the cash! :) Therefore, I posted a set of nine vocal samples made from a combination of 3 different mics and 3 different preamps and would like your opinions. If you have a few minutes, take a listen and let me know which combo you like and dislike. The fun part is... I am not telling you which pre and mic you are listening too. Once I get some responses I will key you in on the gear.

    Thanks guys!

  2. mixman77

    mixman77 Guest

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  3. ShaneSelby

    ShaneSelby Guest

    Thanks for taking a listen. Not sure what you were hearing but there isnt any chorus on the tracks.

    Here is the gear I used to record the samples:

    Joemeek VC6Q
    Alesis Studio 32 Preamps
    MXL V67
    Rode NTK
    AT 3035

    Anyone want to take a shot at which combo I used on each of the samples you liked or disliked?

    I will let you know what each sample was recorded with once I get a few guesses.


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