Mic preamp damage (Presonus FP10)?

Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by jonas888, Oct 25, 2008.

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    I did a very stupid thing with my Presonus FP10. I was getting low recording levels on the drums, so I've changed a mic cable on one of the mic inputs from XLR-1/4 to XLR-XLR to check if the recording levels would improve. Of course I was stupid enough to keep the gain level on this channel almost to the max. After 30 seconds of hitting the snare drum I noticed the red peak light on the channel and a very loud recorded track. Of course the sound was distorted to the max...

    Did I do any damage to the mic preamp? After testing it at proper levels, all I can say it's fine (compared to the previous track recorded with XLR-1/4 cable), but nonetheless, is it possible that I did some damage to it in the long run? (what would the signs of damaged preamp be like?) :(
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    In most cases it is impossible for you to do any damage to a microphone preamp by overdriving it. If you put the output of your guitar amplifier into it you might do some damage. Rest easy!
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    Some folks have been known to plug an amplifier output, designed to drive a speaker, into a microphone input. DON'T GO THERE. No no.

    On old analog recording equipment with mechanical meters, occasionally damage was done after years of bangin'em.

    Unfortunately I have an 1176 from the eighties with a dead meter that's seized. Probably from pushing all four buttons all the time? Can't find a proper replacement. Its screwed. The current unit by Universal Audio will sell me one for $140. No returns. I was Told, it won't fit. ??? Modutec gone. But they'll sell me one if I want one... NOT. I'll just have to steal it out of one of my eighties LA-4's. And you're worried about a $3.50 microphone integrated circuit chip and a couple of LEDs?

    Bang! I used to be a meter but not anymore.
    Ms. Remy Ann David
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