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Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by godotzilla, Mar 20, 2003.

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  1. godotzilla

    godotzilla Guest

    While I am still very curious to hear Kurt's report on the Sebatron pre, I feel myself moving towards a mic pre purchase in the next couple days (that refund check is burning a hole in my pocket). The problem is, I'm waffling between two pretty different units. This pre will be my go-to unit. What I'm down to are the Langevin DVC and the Great Rivers 2NV. I already have an RNC, so the DVC's limiter is not a big selling point (even though it would be cool to have, and I realize it does a different thing than the RNC). The DVC's pre is considered transparent, which leads me to think it might be more versatile. And yet I hunger for some really cool character, which makes me ping-pong back to the 2NV. Oy!!
  2. 20db.com

    20db.com Guest

    godotzilla, I think you will find the Sebatron doesn't have the color you are looking for. Even though its tubes its pretty transparent sounding.

    If you want some thing with color I would go with the NV. The NV also has a nice forward sound to which is great for vocals and you will love the DI for guitar/bass.

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