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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by willy-san, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. willy-san

    willy-san Guest

    Hello All,

    I have done some reading and have more specific questions.

    I was running my guitar into my amp then into my pc soundcard.
    I was getting all this fuzz though. So after talking to my
    sisters boyfriend who has a studio in his basement, he suggested
    I go to all mic's. ie. mic my acoustic guitars, my amp...ect....instead of using the "direct out" , or pluggin directly into the soundcard.

    WIth that said.....

    First off, is that a good idea? and if so.....

    What kind of mic's do I use for these applications
    Acoustic Guitar -
    Guitar Amp -
    Voice -
    360 degree mic to record jams -
    Am I forgetting any??

    Then how do I hook the mic's up into a 1/8plug, to go into my soundcard.

    But then what do I do about keyboards?
    I guess use the guitar amp one to the board speaker?

    Also some examples for a budget (under 200$ a mic)
    And what mic's should be my top prioritiy...

    Thanks everyone I look foward to hearing from all of you...

  2. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Jul 2, 2002
    77 Sunset Lane.
    "What kind of mic's do I use for Acoustic Guitar?"

    a small diaphragm condenser .. MXL / Rode / Octiva all make pretty inexpensive ones under $100. Try to get something that has both omni and cardioid capsules and be sure to check them out thoroughly. Piece to piece quality consistancy is a problem with the cheap mics ... The good ones are good but the lemons can be very bad!

    "Guitar Amp"

    A Shure SM57, about $80 new.


    Studio Projects B1 or the new Kel Audio HM1, the Kel HM-1 sells for $99! I really like it too!

    "360 degree mic to record jams"

    The small diaphragm condensers I mentioned before, may come with interchangable capsules ... use the "omni" cap for this application.

    "Then how do I hook the mic's up into a 1/8plug, to go into my soundcard?"

    You willl need a small mixer or stand alone mic pre amps to get the mic levels to line levels ... The Studio Projects VTB 1 is as good as any available under several hundred bucks ...

    "But then what do I do about keyboards?"
    Use direct box's for the keys, into the mic pres ...
  3. willy-san

    willy-san Guest


    OK Kurt thanks.

    I will read up on all these options over the weekend and get back to you with a somewhat intelligent response.

    The Shure SM57 is on sale at Musicians friend for 87bucks right now. I was looking at it yesterday, that will probably be the one I get first. I will look into the, Studio Projects VTB 1 also.

    I think (correct me if I'm wrong) with the SM57 and SP VTB1, i should be set for awhile. I will at least be able to record anything through my amp and it will sound decent, i hope.

    Thanks for the info I really appreciate it. :D
    I have alot of reading to do this weekend.

  4. willy-san

    willy-san Guest

    Which one would be best....

    Hello again..

    Ok, after doing some reading, i need to ask what would be best for my needs.

    I want to be able to run an SM57(to mic amp) into a preamp before going into the soundcard on my computer. (im hoping that with a decent mic, and pre-amp, i can get rid of the "fuzz" i am getting now)

    Which would be best (or is there a better one)

    M-Audio Mobilepre USB


    Studio Projects VTB1

    Im not looking for pro equipment, just stuff to make pretty decent(good enough to show someone, and be proud of the quality) demos before going to a studio.

  5. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Jul 2, 2002
    77 Sunset Lane.
    My feeling on the cheap pres is, it's the features that make the difference ... as far as the sound, I think they all pretty much sound the same ...

    The VTB 1 has a lot of features, a tube you can dial into the audio path, impedance selection, phase reverse, hi pass filter ... and you should be able to find one new for around $100 ... I don't see any reason to look any further.

    A VTB1 and a 57 will get you going just fine.
  6. willy-san

    willy-san Guest

    One last ? and I think I am set...

    Over the weekend I did some more trial and error tests and
    I have it setup like this

    Guitar > Effects > Line 6 Spider > Direct Out > Soundcard

    And it sounds pretty good, i had to dial everything in real well, but
    it sounds good, not much fuzz or noise at all.

    So lets say I spend, $200-$250 on a SM57 and VTB1, will this work well for miking my, amp, acoustics, and voice? Im just not sure how much better my sound will be, and if its worth the money.

    Can I have some advice?
    Or do you have to hear what I am getting now?


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