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Discussion in 'Recording' started by Shanesays5, Oct 11, 2015.

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    Hello. I purchased a Tascam US-4x4 interface for my windows 7 laptop. I'm hooking two dynamic xlr mics up to it. It took me three hours to figure out how to properly install the driver because even though it would install successfully, the Tascam panel and Audacity wouldn't read the device. Finally I disabled my anti virus and made sure to not have the interface plugged into the laptop during installation to get it to work. However, now the problem is that the volume is very low. If I turn gain knob on the interface ALL the way up, the volume is fine. But we know that's not the way to go. My computer won't let me raise the 4x4 connected microphone volume. It stays at 0, won't let me raise the volume, and won't let me manually type in the decibel level. PLEASE HELP. I'm losing my mind. Thank you so much in advance
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    what microphone are you using?
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    Are the input switches at Mic or inst or line ?
    The gain range of the preamps are 57db, it should be enough for dynamic mics unless you are playing low level finger picking on a classic or acoustic guitar..

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