micing a Dejembe'

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by odog, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. odog

    odog Guest

    any tips..
    I have a rode NT3 sm 57,58..

    Thanks alot
  2. odog

    odog Guest

    oh ,! its for acoustic style music with mostly acoustic and some piano.. and maybie some light electrick guitar

    thanks a bunch
  3. dale116dot7

    dale116dot7 Guest

    I tend to find those types of drums are really boomy in the room (and maybe that's what you want) so you need a good room, maybe a dynamic on the head and a condenser to catch the room sound. They develop their tone by interaction with the room.

    The 'other' sound (which I prefer) is a tight sound without so much boom. I like to use a small condenser (but the SM57 might be a good choice) right by the skin. You get the skin sound but not so much of the 'boom'. I find that sits better in my mixes but it doesn't have as much of the richness and bass that these drums can offer.

    My $.25...
  4. odog

    odog Guest

    yea i have really only tried micing it in a small room that i can tell is quite a boomy room.. i have alos tried placing the mic in crazy places and it is like finding a needle in a haystack, to get a prime sound ..
    i havent tried placing a mic near the skin tho...

  5. Aziel

    Aziel Guest

    it`s all about the sound you want to get...if you want the skin sound bright, you can use a condenser...if you want a more mid sound,,,the 57 gonna be ok...but, if you want to get the whole power of the drum, with the deep of itself...you can try a bass mic like the AKGD112 located under the back hole and a condenser about 3 feets away from the source in the top (dont forget the pad)...sounds just amazing... 8)
  6. odog

    odog Guest

    thanks for the tips aziel .,, i kind of want a booming but not so bassy sound, that has a nice echo effect on it ...
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