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Discussion in 'Guitars' started by trock, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. trock

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    Aug 20, 2004

    Couple of quick questions here. I am about to record an acoustic guitar track, i have a couple of options and would like some opinions if i could

    I have a wonderful alverez acoustic (non electric/acoustic) and i need to mike it. I have an AT405 and and MXL603s. Can someone tell me if i should use both of these and where to place them? or just the MXL? also my room isn't sound proof so should i use a gate while recording or set one up after? or just wait and see what i get?

    I also have the option to send a taylor acoustic direct into a 410 and into cubase. or i can send the mic's or the direct taylor into my 2480, insert a little compression (caause i really like this compressor instead of cubase or UAD-1) point thm out my S/PDIF and into cubase


    out the 2480 into the 410 for more phantom power and into cubase?

    sorry for so many scenario's

    the first part with the acoustic's is the most important to me right now, especially with or without a gate

    thanks much
  2. sonixx

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    I like this method... it gives options at mix time of going mono or stereo and can sound really great and is very quick to setup. Also, depending on the mics, you can get a really warm woody-body tone, or more stings and thinner. both can sound really good... with one technique.

    Assume a right handed gtr player...

    Place mic #1 about 18" out front, down a bit and to the left of the 15th fret... point this mic at the 12th to 15th fret.

    Place mic #2 above your right shoulder pointed at the bridge(18" to bridge, same distance as mic #1)... Move this mic a bit to balance the low end. make sure to keep both mics the same distance from where they are pointed, to ensure mono capability

    Adjust levels evenly for both mics...

    During mix, you can use both mics with varing degrees of paning, or only one of the mics. both should sound good.

    here's an example with this method. it starts out mono, then switches to stereo: Acoust Gtr Spaced Mic R84 Mics => http://

  3. trock

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    Aug 20, 2004
    thanks s much

    i am going to try that

    very cool
  4. gambit

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    Dec 14, 2000
    Bristol, UK
    Home Page:
    Can I just say a big thank you for this tip. Previous attempts at micing have produced very dry mono results, but this track demonstrates that a pair of pics can capture a very full sound.

    I noticed the mics you used were figure 8 pattern ribbon mics - would the technique differ for large or small condensors with a cardioid pattern? Would you need to tweak the phasing in this case?

    Thanks in advance

  5. Sanity Inn

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    here's a handy link


    i tried to get exact page for acoustic guitar,,

    you'll habe to use menu on left, , choose
    stringed instruments, hten on top menu, Guitar,,,

    pics and info


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