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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by kaplan, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. kaplan

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    I seem to be getting lots of noise when micing my fender amp with a SM57. I am recording through a tascam 4track(using it as a mixer), then to a computer. I think I ought to be able to shove that 57 right up against the amp. Any ideas what the problem is??
  2. djui5

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    the tascam...

    what else is in the chain? and how loud is the amp noise in the room?
  3. JoffKing

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    nearg, dont shove ure sm57 against the amp grill, that garners too much lowend to make a nice guitar recording anyways (ure actually supposed to mic bass amps like that)

    I have really dirty power in my studio, and really noisey single coil seymore duncan soapbar pickups on my guitar, but I mic my amp about 6" from the grill, and i get a great signal to noise ratio, as well as a great sound from the amp.

    If ure still getting noise, try placing ure mic on an angle, this gives it a different sound, but can cut down on noise, as the SM57s are SUPER unidirectional

    really, to get the best results, u should have a friend come by and work the mixer, while you play the guitar and move ure mic around

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