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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by chips, Sep 24, 2007.

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    Hi I am starting work on some recordings for a friend soon and I am looking for some mic'ing suggestions regarding a beyer m-160 ribbon mic

    The stuff we will be working on is acoustic guitar and vocals mainly. A kind of slightly folky slight nick cave kind of feel. The guitar is mainly fingerpicking so its not too loud. We will be recording the vocals separately.

    In the past i have mainly used my AKG414 on acoustics around the 12th fret but I have managed to lay my hands on a Beyer m160 ribbon mic for this session and was wondering if anyone had used one on an acoustic guitar or voice with good results ? Any tips on placement etc ?

    I will probably be using two mics on the guitar (a nice good sounding martin guitar) if I can get a good sound that way. My decent mic options will be the beyer ribbon, my AKG414 and a Neuman M149

    My pre amp is a single channel Great River me 1nv and I also have a
    D-Tar solstice preamp ?

    If you had any good preamp, mic or placement suggestions it would be great to hear them. We dont have much time to record so I would like to be able to get straight down to it.

    Thanks a lot

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