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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Weebl_Soldier, Mar 26, 2006.

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  1. Hey, Im having a problem getting my microphone working, I have posted in other forums, who have sent me here to try my luck.
    Im using nVidia nforce audio built-in sound card, and have latest drivers. The problem is that I had my mic working a while back, then one day it just stopped working, with no hardware/software changes. It worked in other Pc's/devices, so it was not broken. I tried a few other mics and they all didnt work either, but tried using a headphone as a mic, and that worked :shock:. I then got another mic which worked fine in it for about 2 months, now its stopped working, but again the headphone works as a mic. Im very confused by this, as the software side must be working for the heaphone to work as a mic, but the mic doesnt. Any help/suggestions would be much appreaciated.

    They suggested connection problems between input jack and mobo, but i have checked this with both headphone and mic jack, with the same result.
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    The art of trouleshooting sound engineering problems is, in the first place, to find the problem. This is done using nothing other than a bit of logical detective work. Just change one variable at a time until you find the problem, is it the cable? the mic? the input? or the software informing that you that you are getting a signal? Remember audio flows from one place to another so look up stream of where you see the problem. When working with stereo sound and only one channel is working, swap the left and right leads round at different points in the signal chain (systematically!!) to see if the problem moves from one channel to the other and interpret the evidence.

    Have you ruled out the cable you are using for your mic by testing with a cable you are 100% sure is working and is the right cable for that mic? Does your mic have an on off switch? Do you think it is possible that there is a loose connection in the mic, that fixed itself when you tested it elsewhere and then broke again when you took it back to your machine?

    It seems to me that your problem lies upstream of the input hole and that means its probably the mic, or its cable.... all things being equal. Other things to look out for are battery in the mic? Do you know what phantom power is? Does your mic need phantom power (sometimes called 48V) and is it getting it if it does?

    Errrrrrmmmm.... Hope that helped in someway
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