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Discussion in 'Vocalists' started by jeremykoh89, Jun 25, 2011.

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    Jun 25, 2011
    Hi all!

    I'm a classical baritone singer and I've been exploring quite a little into studio recording. I have recorded quite a bit with my AT2020, and I was wondering what condenser microphones are there which will suit my voice better? I'm hoping to find one which is low in noise.

    I have a few considerations, such as the Behringer B-1, the MXL V67G and the AT2035. Which of these, if not, what other models would you guys recommend?

    lastly, I've been reading up on the term 'impedence' and I'm very confused about what it means. I know the AT2020 has 100W of impedence and the MXL V67G has 200W. So which is better?

    Hope you guys will enlighten me and have a great day!

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    Jun 23, 2003

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    Unless you are in a good room a Large Diaphragm Condeser (LDC) condenser may not be your best bet because you will still need to mic whatever is accompanying you and it can be done with LDCs but not those listed especially avoid B(*&#(inger. If you are in a good room (acoustically) then I would still avoid the mics you are looking at. You will likely need to upgrade soon if you are looking for warmth and clarity (ala Dieskau).
    As a baritione myself, I wasn't happy with anything until I got into 3-4x your budget. 600-800+ with a LDC.
    If you are in a good room, then I would look into a stereo set of SDC like the Rode.


  3. jeremykoh89

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    Jun 25, 2011
    Thanks Phil! Actually I record with a digital piano, so it's silent but the pianist and I listen with headphones, so accompaniment isn't an issue for now. Oh dear, Behringer seems to be quite a controversial brand uh, haha.
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    I have had good results with an EV RE20.

    A condenser, especially the very inexpensive models mentioned are all hyped in the high end and would not be the best mics.

    A Shure SM7 or as I said the RE20 might be much better choices. Both are dynamic mics. Impedence has nothing to do with the quality of the mics.

    Again, all the choices given are very inexpensive Chinese mics with a hyped high end.

    If a large diaphragm condenser is really necessary, I would try an AT 4047 or Blue Baby Bottle.

    If a cheap mic is the only solution, check out a CAD M179. It isn't hyped at all and is one of the best bang for the buck mics available.

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