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  1. I have an audio technica at 3035 for recording vocals but i use it to record acoustic guitar too so I need a new mic, definitely something nicer and therefore almost inherently pricier.
    I was looking at Blue Dragonflys for vocals but I wasn't sure if anyone had any other suggestions for mics that are between the 500-800 dollar range that are real good for recording vocals and have other uses too such as recording acoustic guitar and even miking guitar cabs, but most importantly vocals.

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    Why not consider a Shure SM 7? It's sweet. Plenty of others think so too. How about a ribbon?? Get something that sounds different from another condenser microphone. Create some texture. More flavors. Less filling.

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    if you're looking at blue mics, check out the bluebird. i haven't had the pleasure of using it, but it's been getting a lot of great reviews around here, specifically from jeremy cucco, enough so that it's made me want to bump it up to the top of my list of next mics to buy. from what i hear, it's a knockout on vocals, guitars, drums, and all sorts of fun stuff. and since it's only at about $300, that still leaves you money left over to pick up the sm7 that remy suggested.

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    There's also the AKG414. The Swiss Army knife of microphones. They aren't consistently great at any one thing... but it is a multi-pattern mic that's good on just about anything you put in front of it.
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