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Discussion in 'Accessories / Connections' started by quiksilver, Oct 4, 2007.

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    I recently bought a rode k2 microphone to record vocals and guitar onto a pc in a home recording setting. As I spent a lot of money on the microphone I want to be sure that the connection for recording is the best it possibly can be. I now have to buy an xlr converter to either USB or 1/4" jack. If anybody has any information on which of these provides better quality and has any information on the best brands available it would be greatly appreciated.

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    It looks like you are going to need some kind of pre amp to run that microphone through. I am not sure though because you did not give any information on your system. Need a few more details to be sure of what you need.
  3. quiksilver

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    I am very new to sound recording so I dont know what sort of preamp to buy. All I have is the microphone and the pc and am unsure what is necessary next for the best quality recording.
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    What do you have with a 1/4" jack?
    You can't plug the mic directly into your sound card or a USB port - you need a microphone preamp and an analog->digital converter. It is possible to use the sound card already in your computer with an external mic preamp, but consumer-grade cards generally have traits that are undesireable for recording with quality gear.

    Tell us about all the audio gear you have (if any) in addition to your microphone, plus what kind of sound card you have in your computer.

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