microphones to record classical guitar at home

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    The official data limit for standard ADAT lightpipes is 12288 bits/sec, which is 48K frames/sec, each frame containing 256 bits (192 bits of data plus 64 control, status and sync bits). How the data bits in a frame are allocated around the channels is up to the individual manufacturer, but clearly for 24 bit data could be 8 channels at standard rate, 4 channels at double rate or 2 channels at quad rate.

    Many years ago, I designed a 24-channel industrial data capture system to send data to a computer from a battery-driven recording head that when operating was at more than 10KV above ground potential in a very electrically noisy environment. I chose to transfer the data using the ADAT frame format allocated as 12 channels at 24KHz, 16bit per frame because I knew I could make use of a standard ADAT optical lightpipe to achieve the necessary bit rate, electrical isolation and interference rejection. I used the control bits to keep the frames alternating between the low 12 and the high 12 channels and the data from getting out of sync. I remember thinking that Alesis did very well in the late 1980s to design a data transmission system that worked so reliably and was years ahead of its time.
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    I know but more res, more computing, more risk of latencies etc.. Anyway.. I just switched to 96 last year.. I think I'm good for a while before going higher.. Unless I start doing mastering, that would be a good reason to go all the way with quality.. I think!
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