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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by jaredbyline, Mar 10, 2003.

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    Sorry there is a lot here, but you folks are my only hope for answering these questions:

    What is the difference between Small and Large Diaphragm?

    What is a good Maximum SPL for drum overhead condensers? Or rather, how do I calculate that? How about SPL for a guitar amp?

    How important are "pads" on a condenser? Will I just have to adjust distance if I don't have one?

    On what occasions should I use a shockmount? Are there special conditions for its use or should I always use it no matter what?

    That's all I can think of for now
  2. NeonCactus

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    Large Diaphragm and Small Diaphragm
    For a condenser to ever be truly considered a
    large diaphragm it has to be at least 1 inch
    around that's the only thing. that info was taken directly from the AKG website

    As far as SPL's go well there is no number i can give you i can give you spl's levels of microphones all day but not really of any certain
    guitar amp or drum kit.(You should always go for mics as far as working with drums that can handle high spl's as for toms Neumann TLM 170r's have a maximum spl of 144db which is very high it can handle alot basically you will just have to study
    up on your microphone knowledge just go around to different microphone manufacturing websites and read info about the mics I happen to have the spec sheets on just about every microphone made
    currently, mics are my favorite thing to learn about.

    Rule of thumb on drums always pad at the mic never at the board on drums and any other high spl
    instrument basically plug it in to the preamp
    you'll know if you need to pad or not believe me.

    SHOCK MOUNTS well it depends on the situation
    if you are using mics on drums that can use
    shock mounts use them, all they are basically for is to absorb room vibration to lessen noise
    going into the mic. So take it as that it's not brain surgery really.
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