Mics for recording grand piano

Discussion in 'Acoustic Keyboards' started by gurkin, Sep 13, 2003.

  1. gurkin

    gurkin Guest

    In the past ( when dinosaurs roamed the Earth )
    I used a pair of AKG 414 EB mics to record piano.
    Interested in feedback re: other mics that
    would match up as well other than Neumann U87
    ( too expensive )

    Also interested in whether noise reduction
    is used when mixing down in analog at 30ips
    1/2 inch tape.

  2. Richard Monroe

    Richard Monroe Active Member

    Jun 24, 2003
    Framingham, Mass.
    Home Page:
    Actually, C414's still aren't a bad choice. Some dinosaurs hang in there. You didn't state a budget, so it's a little tough. For cheap- a pair of Studio Projects C-4's works well for me, but I've only used them on a Wurlitzer console. Sorry, I don't have a grand. For bigger bucks, I'm betting a pair of Josephson C42's would rock.
    Older KM84's are a proven good choice. When it comes to the newer KM184's, I'd just get the Josephson's.
  3. danfor-2

    danfor-2 Guest


    Cheat a girl scout, rob a bank and sell your grandmother, then go get youself a pair of DPA (Bruel&Kjaer) 4011.

    Recorded a grand today with them thru a Millenna 8ch, and everybody just went Homer from there - aaaahrlaaaargaha. :eek:

    Go Danish!
  4. white swan

    white swan Guest

    I prefer omnis on piano, especially if you are using close mic schemes. Cardioid mics have a noticeable proximity effect that makes the strings closest to the mics stand out unnaturally. Using omnis solves that problem.
  5. timstoel

    timstoel Guest

    I mic a 9 foot Steinway with one EV RE-2000 in the crotch of the piano, about three feet away and 1 foot above the top, with the lid propped fully open, with beautiful results. The signal goes straight into an Allen & Heath GL2200 out to an MX-2424. It isn't an aggressive bright sound, but it does catch the subtlety of the piano very well, and mixes well with choral music.

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