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Midas Venice track for HIP HOP?

Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by jkung, Sep 16, 2003.

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  1. jkung

    jkung Guest

    I am a pop songwriter/programmer and occasional mixer. i sing too. my setup looks like this.

    MPC 3000 - Drums and Samples
    Pair of Techs 1200 turntables - to sample from
    Triton Le
    Roland xp30
    Cheapo Behringer 604a? 4channel minimixer

    G4 400mhz
    Digi 001
    RME Multiface
    MOTU Micro Express (midi)
    Software: PTle, DP 3.1, Reason 2.0

    I am trying to organize my studio with a mixer but i have never done this before so i wanted to ask if i am missing anything. I am looking at a MIDAS VENICE 160.

    Rode NT2 ---> Mono in Venice channel (2)
    001 6 indv. outs ---> 6 mono ins Venice
    001 2 master outs ---> (a) Stereo IN Venice
    Venice 2-8 indv. mono outs ---> Back in to 001 6 ins
    MPC stereo outs ---> 2 mono ins Venice
    Triton LE 2 stereo outs ---> (b) Stereo IN Venice
    Turtables 2 Stereo outs ---> (c) Stereo IN Venice
    XP 30 2 stereo outs ---> (d) Stereo IN Venice
    Venice 2 master B outs ---> 001 2 ins
    Venice 2 master ---> monitors
    Monitor 1+2 outs ---> MPC 2 ins (sample)
    PTle midi sync to MPC

    The cool thing about the venice is, on the mono channel i can use mic and line at the same time. so i can plug the nt2 and the Right channel of my MPC at the same time.
    this set up allows me to sample from any of my instruments/MAC/Tables/etc. into my MPC or into the MAC. I can track and edit in protools and submix down to 6 channels back into the VENICE for summing and eqs.

    Upgrades in the future might be ABLETON LIVE, a few RNCs, maybe an effects box, more guitar pedals. i have two auxs and two fx unused and every channel has insterts so i can buy more...

    i just wanna know
    Before i drop 2500 for this thing i need to know that this will last....so if i am missing anything, please let me know.
  2. jkung

    jkung Guest

    anyone?? kurt kevin?
  3. dubsax

    dubsax Guest

    a venice will sound way better(and will lastlonger ) than that piece of $*^t behringer and mackie....you should also ckeck out the speck xtramix...for hip hop , you really dont need much gear...throw some more analog flavor in there..good luck :c: :s:
  4. Clueless

    Clueless Guest

    Having just bought a Midas 240 for $3000 from soundbroker.com (talk to Richard), I can tell you from my experience:

    1. You will hear the Midas quality difference vs. Mackie (my previous board) immediately

    2. Always, always, always buy 8 more input tracks than you need (this is true regardless of what brand you buy).

    I've spent a fair deal of time and am slowly realizing that for EFX returns, I don't just want returns, I want to EQ them through the board. Can I do that? No, beacuse I was so exact on the board configuration going in.

    Now, if you must rack-mount, then of course the 160 is your only choice, and if you want to expand that, you'll need to look at serious $$ for an XL42 ($1600 for two channels) or Speck EQs, or whatever. But if you have the space, spend the extra $500 and buy a board you'll be happy to grow into, the 240.

    In fact, if you want to buy mine, I'll buy the 320 that I should have bought! What a deal...

  5. jkung

    jkung Guest

    thanks for the replies all
    i was thinking about the 240 as well. good points on the fx returns being eqs. i actually do not need it to rack mount so thats not a prob there....and if you are willing to sell the 240 hmmm.... email me jeffreykung@excite.com
    thanks yall
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