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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by Rigby_Shacklford, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. Hey Everyone,
    I've been having some problems with my midi setup. Im fairly new to this age old technology so excuse my lack of knowledge.
    Im using Cubase SX3 as my sequencing software.
    Im using NI Battery 2 as my software module.
    Im also using an old Yamaha PSR-50 that I found as a keyboard controller.
    Here's the problem. In any software module, when I trigger a sound it will be around 127 velocity. Whenever I trigger the sound with my PSR-50 the velocity rings in somewhere around 61. It happens with any sound that I try and trigger. Is the problem in my keyboard controller? Is there anyway to fix this?

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    Yes, the problem is most likely your controller. I downloaded it's manual and it didn't say whether it transmitted velocity data or not. My guess is it doesn't if the velocity is always the same.

    You've got Cubase SX3, Battery 2, it's time to pony up and buy a MIDI control that wasn't made in 1985.

    But you could always just record everything with the velocity as it and then edit it afterwards.
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    The VELOCITY value is sent my the controller (be it a kybd, drum pad, etc...). It has nothing to do with the sound module.

    However, it relates to how the sound module will perform/react. And that is because the VELOCITY CURVE has to be adapted to whatever you are triggering. For example: you may have a synth that requires a linear curve to respond well whereas a dum plugin may benefit from a non-linear curve to better trigger its sounds.

    Some controllers allow you to modify the VELOCITY curve they send. In addition, some sound modules AND VST plugins will also allow such adjustment. internally. Ck the velocity curve response on your Battery module as well if it has such adjustment (I don't use it so, I can't recall if it does or not).
  4. Thanks for the information,
    I tried finding the manual online but no luck, if I could get a url that would be great.
    I think right now I'll just be using the keyboard for triggering and I will edit the velocity values later. A bit more work but I like tedious things. I guess the controller being as old as me is a good sign to get a new one.
    Thanks for the replys,

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