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    I'm a bit of a newbie to all things MIDI, especially when it comes to experimenting with guitar converters etc. but here goes.

    I've got hold of a Yamaha G50 and have been using it with a Yamaha MU10 (via a PC) and have had some great results. On my bass (fitted with a hex midi bass pickup) it tracks extremely well and the sounds from the synth respond to string slides with good accuracy. If I fret a note without picking the string, I also get the correct sounds coming out of the MU10, string bends also track properly.

    My problem is this, when I try to do the same on my Korg x3r, it performs poorly. I can get the correct tones if I cleanly pick each note, but if I try to just fret notes, nothing comes out of the x3r. If I do a full string slide, I just get about a semitone of pitch change when I stop sliding. If I then pick the note I landed on, the correct sound comes out. Also string bending has little or no effect on sounds.

    I am still learning about MIDI / synths etc. but I could do with some pointers. Is this a problem with Pitch Bend, aftertouch, velocity, note assigns ?? Is it the G50, or a synth problem. I just dont know where to start. Surely it must be possible to get the same performance out of the Korg as I do out of the old MU10.


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    If it works fine with the MU10 but doesn't with the x3r, I would tend to believe the problem is with x3r. However, what you describe makes it sound more like a problem in the audio/midi conversion in the pickup.

    There are two things I would recommend you try.

    This first one requires some sort of MIDI recording device...preferrably with a graphical MIDI editor. When playing using the MU10 record the midi data. Then play the MIDI data back, first into the MU10 then into the x3r. The playback should be identical on both units.

    Look at the midi data in an editor and check and see if what you recorded is what you played or if there are things like additional or wrong notes that you didn't play or things like that. If you see a C note but you hear a C#, that would indicate a problem with the x3r.

    Another thing you can try is to set up as if you are using the MU10 but hook the MIDI out of the MU10 to the MIDI in of the x3r. Hopefully the MU10 has a MIDI thru function. If it does, enable it. If not, then you need a MIDI splitter/patchbay so you can route your midi to both devices. Now play the bass listening to first the MU10, then turn up the x3r. You should hear the exact same thing.
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    Thanks for that, I havent yet got the facilities to record the MIDI but its something I could look into. An interesting thing to mention is this though. If it fret a note and slide down the full string, the G50 only flashes to says its sent one MIDI message at the beginning. When you go into the slide, neither MIDI sent or MIDI received lights flashes on any other equipment. I suppose the fundamental question is "How are slides treated by MIDI", are they pitch bend changes. It would make sense if they were, maybe the MU10 is setup to handle a broad pitch bend range and the x3r isnt. If it is then is this something that is altered as a global setting or would I have to go through each program and do it ?

    No MIDI thru on the MU10 but I have wired them the other way round (Thru from x3r to MU10) and played the same GM sound from both. Again the MU10 plays properly, and the x3r does not process the slides & bends properly (or even at all). The information is getting all the way to the MU10 and working as it should, its just that the Korg is ignoring it !!!!


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    I've used a midi data viewer to see whats happening when I play. The G50 is sending note on info, the when I do a slide, or string bend, the displays show PitchChange values, sometimes up to + or - 6000 or so. The MU10 is responding to these, the x3r isnt and I think this is where I need to focus my attention. I assume the MIDI light on most equipment only flashes in relation to certain situations (i.e. Note on, Note off, program change etc), maybe they dont flash with things like pitch bend & modulation etc. ??



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