Midi Controller, now what

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by subtletactics, Aug 18, 2004.

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  1. "Background:
    I'm new. I don't intend to be a professional studio engineer, nor create a pro studio, but I do want to make a studio good enough to make good music.

    Rap and R&B

    PC- Acid pro 4.0, soundblaster audigy 2 platinum pro
    PreSonus Hp4
    Eurorack MX 602A
    Shure ksm27
    Maudio pro 88 midi controller
    Maudio bx-8s
    Monster cables
    Couple of headphones

    Set up:
    mic->euroack mixer->soundcardhub->PC->soundcardhub->HP4->Headphones and Bx8s

    maudiopro88midicontroller-> usb (off the motherboard)

    I have the midi controller, now what do I get? I mean it doesn't have any built in sounds. There's a couple that came with the soundcard, and a couple that came with acid, but none aren't even close to real music/instruments.

    I hope to make hiphop/rap beats someday, so I need basic kick/snare sounds + a good piano sounds. But what do I get.

    A sound module? And if so, do any of you guys have one in mind you could reccommend. Preferibly under 1k.

    Thanks, I'm new at this
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    Jan 11, 2003
    Woodbridge, Va
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    Well, maybe you need to look into soft synths. Great sounds and an economical way to save on making hardware purchases. Also IMO, you'll need to upgrade your sound card. It'll benefit you more in the long run to have a decent multi I/O sound card in your arsenal. Second, make an investment in a small or midsized midi-interface. That way you can have better control and access over your midi tracks when you use a combination of software and hardware sound sources. I posted some pics of my setup over in the Pro Audio Hardware forum, under My Personal Space. I also do R&B, Hip-hop and Gospel.

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