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  1. UmbillicalEd

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    Hi. I have a sound interface for my PC that only has one MIDI input, like most of the ones I've seen on the market. Basically what i want to do is have two external MIDI controllers(one for keys, the other for knobs) control an audio application on my PC. How do I solve this problem?

    I'm assuming I would need to buy a separate MIDI interface with multiple INs and OUTs? Is that a good solution?

    If so, I was looking at the following two. Does anyone have any advice about either of these items?

    Mark of the Unicorn Micro Lite USB MIDI Interface

    MIDIsport 4x4 USB MIDI Interface

  2. David French

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    Jun 19, 2002
    If one of your MIDI controllers has a THRU port, you can daisy chain them together and get MIDI data from both devices into the computer on a single MIDI port.
  3. UmbillicalEd

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    That won't work.
    I want MIDI data from both devices to go into the computer's MIDI in. The THRU port only replicates what comes in on the IN port.
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    What Dave has explained will work but you'll have to assign the secondary controller a different midi channel or base channel #. Once that has been established, you'll have to go into the program's options and do some channel assignments. But if you do go with the MOTU micro lite, you'll have the ability to do a little more than you would not having it.

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