Midi Machine Control Drama!

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by cspendlove, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. cspendlove

    cspendlove Guest

    Hello all,

    So.... I recently aquired a Foxtex R8 reel to reel with an MTC-1
    SMPTE to midi timecode converter. I have been able to send SMPTE to
    the R8 using the SMPTE Generator plugin in free run mode. The reel
    to reel slave counter matches the SMPTE generator counter perfectly.
    Ok, this great. Now I need cubase to control the reel to reel
    transport. Enter Midi Machine Control. I cubase set up to control
    the transport of the reel to reel. When I press play in Cubase(with
    the sync switch on) the reel to reel starts playing but Cubase
    doesn't do anything. The play button is lit up but the counter
    doesn't move. Pressing stop on the cubase transport does nothing. I
    have to manually stop the reel to reel transport to get the reel to
    reel to stop, I the only way to get cubase to respond and out of
    sync mode is the hit the master button on the transport.

    Sorry for the short novel, but this really sucks and I can't figure
    it out. I had the problem when I tried to sync an Akai DPS16 Hardisk
    recorder, so I don't think it is the Fostex machine.

    Has anybody had any problems like this, or any other sync issues.
    Somebody please help. I really would like to get this working.

    I am running Cubase SX 1.03.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. yan_b

    yan_b Guest

    even if the cubase sends mmc to the tape, it still syncs back to incoming midi time code, you should define this in the sync setup and make incoming connections from the converter.
    you really have to read the manual on that subject since theres some issues when synching to analog tapes.
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