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    Yeah, that's what I am. :oops:
    Even after 2 years of playing with my ESQ1 and the Halo, I'm still running on what amounts to blind luck where MIDI comes in. I have the ESQ out run to the Halo in and that's about where it stops as far as my understanding of MIDI goes. I downloaded a program called MIDIOX but having this program presupposes that the user knows a good deal more about MIDI than I do.

    My question is this: Is there a website or a book that I can buy which will step a greenhorn through MIDI from the fundamentals to advanced applications? I read and re-read the MIDI sections of both board's manuals but I just don't understand why I should be concerned with LSBs, MSBs, etc. What's a DLS? a SysEx? an NRPN?
    I feel awful dumb sometimes while trying to make sense of all the capabilities which both the somewhat primative ESQ and the far more advanced Halo seem to offer that I'm not taking advantage of by having a better understanding of MIDI.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks :)

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