Midi problem: E-Mu 1212, Cakewalk Homestudio Alesis SR16

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by roirat, Dec 9, 2004.

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    okay, not really one problem. I'm just completely lost. The gist, however, is this:

    I want to record my SR16 in cakewalk. I want the tempo to be the same in the software and in the SR16. I don't seem to be able to get cakewalk to tell the sr16 the exact tempo (don't know the technical term). If I just set the two to the same BPM setting, the tempos are slightly off.

    Also, I would like to record the midi output of the sr16 and then play it back and have the sr16 respond with the drum sounds. I can get it to record in cakewalk, but the playback doesn't get back to the sr16. instead, my E-mu 1212 seems to soak it up and respond with these horrible GM sounds. I have tried to set the outputs in cakewalk to the midi port itself instead of the sound card synth, but no luck...

    The manual for the E-mu goes into NO detail on this and many other things...

    I have been at this for several hours now, and if anyone can help, oh that'd be great.

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    Roirat, you're venturing into the world of "virtual tracking". The idea is to have the computer as your MASTER and everything else slaved to its outgoing midi sync data. If you go into the options within cakewalk, there will be some sort of choices to enable midi syncronization, midi timecode, etc. Then you go to all of the devices (within this sync chain) that will need to recieve this midi sync data, and enable external sync. That should get things going and you can then focus on recording vocal & acoustical instruments as audio tracks in cakewalk. But by all means, make sure you select or enable MIDI SYNC in cakewalk and connect the first midi out cable from the EMU to the midi in of the SR16. Any additional syncing can feed off of the SR16 and etc.

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