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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by imagineaudio, Dec 7, 2004.

  1. imagineaudio

    imagineaudio Active Member

    Nov 24, 2004
    I've been using my current set up for about 2 1/2 years no problem....Today went to record some vsti's...strange thing happened.....In nuendo while playing my part on the midi controller it would intermittently change programs. I recorded a couple bars in nuendo and pulled up the key editor......I looked to see and it did record program change information on a continus bases. What the hell happend, and how do i fix it

    by the way, the midi controller is junk and has been dropped.

    i dont have another controller to try at the moment to see if that may be the problem....any other suggestions?
  2. moonz

    moonz Guest

    My guess would be that the keyboard controller is screwing up.... :?
  3. imagineaudio

    imagineaudio Active Member

    Nov 24, 2004
    yeah, thats what I figure.......I am just wondering though......the controller has keys on it only, no bank selection or program change or sliders or nothing, just keys.....why would it be sending program change information to my DAW.....?
  4. moonz

    moonz Guest

    hmmm....nothing but keyboard keys on it?...no shift button?...or mode button?

    I don't think I've ever seen an actual "midi keyboard controller" that isn't set up to send at least a few basic midi controller messages.

    Mine (a Yamaha CBXK1) uses the a certain number of the keyboard keys themselves to send different midi commands, but to get it to do that requires that you first push a shift button, located off to the side of the unit.

    What is the Brand name, and exact model of keyboard controller you are using?

    Perhaps your unit can only be set up by sending commands from software, in sequencer applications...in that case maybe your keyboard controller has a bad chip.

    I suppose it is remotely possible that the software is screwing things up...in that case maybe you could try re-installing Nuendo.
  5. imagineaudio

    imagineaudio Active Member

    Nov 24, 2004
    ITs a four year old version of this:


    just like this except no wheel or buttons....just midi out and power and keys.......thinking of getting the 88-key maudio hammer action controller, but before i spend the money i want to double check and make sure its just my controller thats crap.....
  6. moonz

    moonz Guest

    hmm...when I was looking for a first keyboard controller, long ago, I too was attracted to the Fatar line...the SLI6I was the particular model I was considering...I remember that much.

    But as I skipped around the web, reading everything I would come across about the 161, trying to make a final decision, I remember finding a review that some website did where the reviewer pointed out some fairly standard feature that was lacking on the 161.

    I can't recall what the feature was now, but the information back then was enough to sour me on wanting a Fatar keyboard...of course, what ever that feature was, I'd imagine that Fatar has long since included it on later models.

    If you don't know anyone else that has a keyboard controller that you could borrow, to see if your current one is causing your problem, you could always buy one, try it out, and if it doesn't solve the problem, take it back and get a refund.

    If you are a regular keyboard musician then by all means get yourself a keyboard controller that simulates a regular piano keyboard...88 keys...weighted.

    Many midi composers, myself included, don't actually play piano as a first instrument...we only use a keyboard controler because it is more functional to input certain types of midi data, like chords, than a mouse.

    In my case I prefer a keyboard controller that takes up very little space on my smallish computer desk...a keyboard offering as little as two octaves is actually enough, for my purposes.

    Since I don't actually sit at the thing and play it like a piano, I prefer mini-key models...something I can use to easily finger almost any key in an entire octive, with one hand...four-fingered chords are quite easy to make on a mini-key controller.

    I can't recommend an 88-key controller model, since I don't keep up with em, but if a small model will do you I'd tell you to check out Edirol's PSR1 and PSRM1 models, or the new Alesis Photon X25...these controllers, although small, are full-featured and mighty.

    In the mini-key line I'm currently eyeing a Korg microKontrol....only thing I dislike about it is that it has 37 keys...this makes it a bit larger than I'd like.

  7. imagineaudio

    imagineaudio Active Member

    Nov 24, 2004
    ya know, i might just forego the m-audio and pick up the evolution 461
  8. moonz

    moonz Guest

    That is a model I wasn' t even aware of...it looks pretty interesting though.

    They've been making small keyboard controllers about as long as anybody.

    I knew an old boy over in the UK that used one...he thought it was well worth the money.

    I see that M-Audio has apparently bought out Evolution...the banner on Evolution's UK site says it is now an M-Audio company.

    Oh the choices just keep narrowing...:roll:

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