midi recording without a midi input device?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by orbit, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. orbit

    orbit Guest

    okay so i was trying to record the midi events i sequenced into fruity loops (the events trigger samples, so maybe these arent even midi events??) into cubase.

    i used two methods i could think of, simply exporting the fruity loops composition as midi and hoping that those events would work (you cant play the midi file so its not being rendered to a playable midi that i can tell, i figured it was just the midi event data) but i cant import that into cubase. i follow the midi import instructions (use the import menu, or drag and drop the file into the playback window of cubase) it simply does nothing. drag and drop and nothing happens, when i choose to import, nothing happens.

    fruity loops vst (or VSTi) works within cubase but i would rather sequence something fruity loops and put it into cubase...is this possible?? i couldnt figure it out.
  2. FreakStudios

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    midi files can be imprted to cubase just go files import midi track, if that doesnt work make a midi track and draw a segment and use your fruityloops vsti as an output and nothing as input and just write it on the drum editor or score editor.

    although i think you should be able to import midi files

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