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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by TELAMETZ, Dec 16, 2004.


    TELAMETZ Guest

    :? when i want to record using a midi controller it is way off

    what gives

    im using a korg microkontroller and running cubase sx i have a delta 1010 i use the midi in the delta at time and the usb other but nothing works any tweaks to speed it up or am i doomed to use the drum editor

  2. moonz

    moonz Guest

    You are using excellent gear, so that should not be the problem, if you have it set up correctly.

    If you are trying to play a virtual instrument through Cubase, and you have set Cubase to use something other than the proprietary M-Audio ASIO driver, you may very-well get some Latency issues.

    A large DMA buffer size will also cause latency....but...you can only set this DMA buffer size real low (you set it on the Delta 1010 software control panel) if you are using the proprietary M-Audio ASIO driver with the Delta 1010, as per above.

    It is easy to select the wrong driver to use in Cubase since there are usually several to choose from.

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