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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by caine, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. caine

    caine Guest

    just bought the motu few weeks, great unit, but having probs with midi timing. as no midi on 2408,
    decided to use my old m-audio audiophile 2496 pci card for the midi part(drums).no problems with the click, or any midi parts that i had already recorded before. now that i am starting to record more drums , i find the click stays in time right until the drums start , then it all goes pear shaped, like making me sound like the worst drummer ever(nothing to do with the fact that i probably am 2nd worst)
    any ideas

    dont know if this is rel but using a focusrite unit for vocal preamp , of which i use the spdif out into in of motu and have slaved the clock to that. and using audioclock i think in cubase for midi, do i need to use miditimcode
    completey helpless with it for now .
  2. OlympicPhil

    OlympicPhil Guest

    you're using a vocal preamp as your timing master?
    I wouldn't recommend it, surely your timing should be on Internal?
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