Midrange Overlooked? (classical monitor recommendations)

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by RobertJason, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. RobertJason

    RobertJason Guest

    I've spent many hours and days reading studio monitor reviews. Perhaps it's because I'm looking for a 5"/1" setup, but every review focuses on the bass response.

    I am hoping that some engineers with a classical recording background could help me decide which sub-$500/pr active monitors will have the best midrange.

    These speakers will serve a dual purpose for general music listening (mostly piano and vocal) as well as monitors for my keyboard (grand piano more than synth sounds).

    Based on my research, I am drooling over the Quested S6 model, but it's more than double my available funds. So, I'm considering brands such as Event TR5, ALP5, Alesis M1 active MKII, Tapco S-5, and M-Audio BX5a. I'm leaning towards the Tapco's or the TR5's...

    I want a "nice" sound for piano/voice, for my purpose it's not going to kill me if there is some coloration. If the Yami's sound bad, that's not what I'm looking for. :wink:

    I was originally considering an amp and home speakers, but home speakers seem to exagerate bass and treble, which ruins my dream of having a dynamic and clear midrange.

    If anyone recognizes this midrange dilemna and can offer advice... I'd be HUGELY appreciative. After the last 10 days or so of reading newsgroups and forums, I'm still going in circles. The largest problem probably exists in my price limitation.

    I apologize for bringing up a common "monitor recommendation" thread, however, I hope this one is different in that I'm not mixing rock or R&B.


    Robert Jason
  2. Calgary

    Calgary Active Member

    Nov 25, 2005
    Even if it isn't R&B or rock my choice is the Event TR8s for $499. I play all my instruments through mine (pianos, guitars, bass guitar), use them for general listening, and also for music production. The mids are superb. :cool:
  3. Mandachuva

    Mandachuva Guest

    I've bought a couple of months ago a pair of Yorkville YSM1P's, and I'm very satisfied with them. In a somewhat acousticaly treated room, they sound very clear, flat and open, throughout the sonic spectrum. Also, a friend of mine bought a pair, and is equally pleased with them.

    You can find only a few references about them on the internet, but all I've managed to find are very good review.

    I've bought them for 600 euro from Germany, but I've seen them much cheaper in the USA.
  4. RobertJason

    RobertJason Guest

    Leaning a new direction

    I went into guitar center today and auditioned the KRK RP5, Event SP8, Mackie 624/824, and M-audio bx5. I have been reading reviews on the Yorkville, which seems like a great choice.

    However, now I'm leaning towards a PA type of speaker such as the Mackie SRM 350 because a salesman at musiciansbuy has me paranoid that studio monitors may not be designed as well for my application (hooking directly to my Kurzweil keyboard).

    I am again in a black hole of "too much information" because it seems impossible for a 10" and 1" driver to not leave a giant gap in the frequency range.

    Any thoughts on the Mackie SRM 350?

    Thanks, Robert Jason
  5. Calgary

    Calgary Active Member

    Nov 25, 2005
    Here in my studio I monitor/play bass guitar (including slap bass), electric guitar (sometimes loud), and keyboards through my Event TR8s every single day. Not a single problem. They are superb for that. :cool:

    Unless you like to play at uncomfortably loud volumes, the SP8s (or TR8s) will handle more volume than you are going to use at home or in the studio from your Kurzweil without a problem. They are absolutely excellent for usage as monitors for a keyboard. :cool:

    Yorkville gear is mid level stuff built here in Canada, the rental places use a lot of it but not studios. The Yorkvilles are below the Events in terms of quality. If you go with PA gear you will not get studio quality monitoring for mixing, etc.
  6. RobertJason

    RobertJason Guest

    Thank you both very much... I just ordered the TR5's. I imagine they will sound great until one day when I can put myself in the $1000+ market.

    I appreciate the help, have a nice holiday..

    Robert Jason
  7. Calgary

    Calgary Active Member

    Nov 25, 2005
    I'm not sure how much raw volume the TR5s handle but I'm sure it should be fine for playing your Kurzweil and I've heard great things about their quality. I think it was a good choice which you won't regret. You can always buy a small keyboard amp used (dirt cheap) if you need more volume, but you can only get mixing and monitoring quality from a decent monitor such as the TR5s... Let us know what you think of them once you get them set up, I bet you're going to be really pleased with them. :cool:
  8. jcnoernberg

    jcnoernberg Guest

    Re: Leaning a new direction

    Well that should teach you not to listen to a guitar center salesman. They're generally idiots (well, at least in the three stores I've been to). It seems the only employment requirement these days is a lip or nose ring along with some wrist tattoos.

    You will not harm a pair of monitors by playing a keyboard through them. They are full range speakers, and the internal amplifiers will not blow the speakers without giving you a massive headache first.

    A "PA speaker" style setup would be for a performance/practice, and lots of power

    A "studio monitor" style setup is for monitoring a recorded track...usually from a close distance.

    you can't mix and match the two and expect results.

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