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  1. greencharlie

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    Hi people,

    nice to see there's something like this site & forum.
    I'm new to recording stuff and planning to make a small homestudio.
    BR900cd in combi with digi piano and good acguitar.

    I'm planning to buy only 1 good mike for alround purposes (vocals + guitar). What would be your suggestion?
    thinking of shure: sm85 or sm57 or beta58 or beta57 ? Which one?

    I know nothing about headphones. What would be the best headphone deal?

    kind regards
  2. MilesAway

    MilesAway Guest

    I'd consider a nice, neutral sounding LDC mic like the AT3035 as an 'all-purpose' workhorse before any of the mics you listed. While it may not be as well suited to electric-guitar & drum micing applications as an SM57, it will mop the floor with it for *most* vocal and acoustic guitar jobs. Price-tag is a bit steeper (~$200) but by the sounds of things, it'd be worth the $$ for your applications.
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