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    My M-2b arrived today! Its been a long 8 years wanting one of the Millennia's. Ever since a dealer described Millennia pre's as boring and clinical sounding, it made me want one more. Clinical spelled the truth, plus, I always thought that this opinion was partially due to the razer sound digital audio had in the early 90's. ITB has come miles further in sound quality but I still think it will always be missing a personally appealing distortion and headroom unique to high end analog. DAW's lack personality so I think we need to use tubes to help it get there.. As digital gets better, I also feel a relationship between the two worlds will always continue.

    So, I opted for the M-2b instead of the HV-3 because I find digital too clean for my ears and and current tastes. I want the optimal truth that the Millennia HV-3 is renowned for, but kept coming back to the M-2b for that slight color and warmth. Adding this to my hybrid DAW has got to be one wicked system now. Acoustic string instruments/ nylon, piano and vocals... ya!

    Joel Silverman, owner if Millennia Media described to me
    I'm sure I will still want an HV-3 after I get over the honeymoon. However, I'm so excited to have this glorious beast in my rack! Its so beautiful and built like a tank. I can't wait to turn it on.

    What projects are you using these with and what mics have been exceptional? One quote I read was
    I would love to hear from other M-2b owners.

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    I've used about all of MM's gear and it's "sonic realism" lives up to the hype. I find I am not in agreement with those who say the HV-3 is "too clean" or something like that. While sonic signatures are appropriate for some sounds and some instruments, what I love about the HV's is how you can capture many instruments and when combined seem to stay in place and seem more distinct and separated without all that messy smearing we have become used to.
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