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    Mix Buddy

    Mix Buddy is a new and unique pro audio App for iOS devices that helps you find the characteristic frequencies – named EQ Blueprints – of many instruments. EQ Blueprints show you what effect these frequencies have on the sound of the instrument when adjusted with equalization. Together with plenty of Mixing tips for each instrument, the EQ Blueprints help you shape the sound of the instruments in your Mix. Mix Buddy also contains a growing library of video tutorials on mix technology and mixing tips plus a handy note reference.

    What do you get?

    - Find frequency characteristics of many instruments and learn to shape their sound
    - Get technical and creative tips on mixing the instruments
    - Watch video tutorials on mix technology and techniques from the expanding video library
    - Find any note name, midi number, frequency and more with the handy Pitch reference
    - Enjoy new tutorial videos and EQ Blueprints with regular free updates.

    Mix Buddy is available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad* running iOS 5 or higher.
    * In iPhone compatibility mode.

    Check out Mix Buddy on the App Store:

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