MixDream Direct Out summing options

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    I'm very happy with what I have going but over the weekend I was searching around for ideas on how users might utilize the Direct Outs of a MixDream to further expand its abilities.
    I got wondering if I could add a Folcrom to the Direct Outs, do some mojo there with a nice pre and return back to either the MD or (AD) to a new 2 track to the DAW > then DA back to the MixDream like usual.
    I'm also thinking a small tape machine for summing a group of drums would be cool trick but I do loose the simplicity and I am not to keen on multiple ADDA. .

    I have no idea what I'm getting at other than shooting for some idea's I've not thought about before.
    MixDream Direct Outs ( no mix toggle) > Folcrom mojo > back to the MixDream ??

    Here's the skinny on the no mix option:

    Any ideas or suggestions on what you might try?

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