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  1. I just recently upgraded my front end from a Mackie VLZPro to a Ramsa WR S4424 (primarily for the convenience of the direct outs on all channels, although the improved mic preamps didn't hurt a bit)

    One of the things I like to do when I take a step forward on my setup is look at where the next logical step would be on that particular piece of the puzzle, so I have constant goals in mind for evolving the entire system.

    I already know where I intend to go with my DAW interface (either a Fireface 800 or a MOTU 828) and my converters (Rosetta 800s), but should I be looking at another step up in my console before I begin just investing in more esoteric single-channel preamps? Would a Ghost be enough of a move up to justify the expense?
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    You have to ask yourself what the reasons would be for investing in another mixer rather than preamps/interfaces for your DAW. If you run live sound or want to use a physical mixer for mixdown, then those may be good enough reasons, but otherwise for studio use, direct multi-channel input to your DAW is the way most people are going. Your existing mixers are perfectly adequate for generating headphone monitor mixes for tracking.

    Take a look at the new A+H Zed-R24. It could give you the step-up in front-end and EQ quality you talk about at the same time as saving you the need to buy another interface (FF800 etc).
  3. I know a lot of folks are going to the AD+Pres in one box, because the quality has increased incrementally over the past decade.

    However, I'm still a pretty hardcore discrete component type of guy - 24 channel mixer for the preamp side, plain AD boxes on the other, preferably with a separate interface unit. Why?

    1) If one fails, you can replace the one, rather than replace the whole.

    2) Discrete components, IMO, still yield a better result than all-in-one boxes. No one box is going to have the best preamps, converters, etc. So why settle?

    Now, I also do a great deal of live recording and live sound, so it just makes sense to have my front end be a mixer anyway.

    Are the pres on the Zeds any better than their GL pres? I bought this Ramsa and passed on a GL2200 for the explicit reason that the preamps are superior - in some folks' minds, they're up in the Midas Venice range as quality and clarity go....
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    in regards to your interface, DONT DO MOTU!! go with the fireface800 it rocks BIG TIME!!!!
    but why are you adding the rosetta 800's to the chain?? the interface (fireface800/motu) is your converter, unless you already own the apogee??.......im stupmed by that?? i would put the RME up against the apogee anyday andit KILLS the Motu stuff easily.
    please clue me in i must be missing something.

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