mixer recomendation for recording studio

Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by reaproductions, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. hi i creating a studio.......
    i want to record 16 tracs at once....... and work on them on my pc sequencer

    wich mixer do u pros recomend me
    i was thinking on mackies or behringer.... but i dont know to much please... help me

    another doubt

    how can i connect the mixer to my pc... in order to pass each channel per track on my sequencer.......and work with 16 sequencers track separetely

    if i need other equipment suggest me.....

    hope u can help me
  2. moonbaby

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    Feb 23, 2005
    My personal experiences with Behringer mixers has been pretty bad, but I have read that some folks like their digital knock-off of a Yamaha 01.In any case, Behringers are NOT professional-quality audio products. Mackie mixers, especially their ONYX series, are MUCH better in terms of audio quality and build quality. You can get the ONYX (say, a 1620) with a Firewire card, and have a 16-track-ready mixer for less than $1200.00 ("street"). Get online and check them (and the reviews) out. I think that for what you are wanting to do, they are the most practical mixer out there.
  3. kevinlimse

    kevinlimse Guest

    agree with moon.. Mackie Rocks! Can try looking at Phonic? http://www.phonic.com/

    IMHO.. behringers still work well, never tried one before but perhaps you just can't use ribbons or dynamics on behringers.

    For the interior and exterior quality.. Mackie's claims for "built-like-a-tank" mixers, quiet pres, and its sense of humour:p.. I had chose to starve for a few more months and get a mackie. All for Mackie!!

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