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    Hey there! I'm brand new on here, so I have no idea about the forum, and where I should be looking for info, so I apologize in advance for my ignorance.

    Anyway, on to my difficulty: I'm trying to setup a mixer according to the method that I found here. (ALT 3-4 Bus Method) The mixer that I'm using is the Mackie SR24-4 (manual), and I'm connecting to a MOTU 896-HD.

    a) is the ALT 3-4 described on tweakheadz.com doable with my hardware?
    b) what is the best way to do it?

    Thanks so much!
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    Mixer Connections

    I can totally empathise with your situation. many times I have ended up frustrated with a bunch of wires. What helps is to write down connections as you make them. Then as you try different connections you can check off what works. That will help you keep organized. You can also go back and reference connections in case you have to move stuff. DON'T MAKE CONNECTIONS WITH POWER ON.
    I can't answer your question specifically as I am not sure of all the stuff you are connecting to the mixer. I think page 11 of your Mackie mixer manual is the best place to start. They demonstrate many of the connections you will need to make. Look at the subgroups out from the mixer that should go to your Motu inputs. This will allow you to record multiple channels. It is best to connect the Final mix monitors to the outputs of the MOTU. You can connect headphones or stereo speakers as shown on page 11 to monitor the sound coming into the mixer. Before powering the mixer make sure you have the gains and volumes turned down. Work with one input channel and just set the levels EQ. Use the LED display on the mixer the display on the MOTU and the display on the Recording software on your PC to guide setting the levels. By listening and monitoring levels this will help you see how the hardware interacts. This will also test your signal chain. Once you get familiar with the setup and tweaking the mixer ("hands on") things will start to make sense. the connections suggested is not the endall. Thats why the Mackie manual shows different configurations. It is best to start simple. work from input to output.
    There is some other folks on this forum that can chime in if you provide more specifics of what you are tring to acomplish.
    Best Wishes

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